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The team at Geospatial Frameworks provide road maps for your business that are both innovative and sustainable in the long term.

Welcome to Geospatial Frameworks

Helping to provide intelligent spatial information for government, academia and commercial industries.

Geospatial Frameworks is a spatial information management consulting group working with government, industry and academia on the essential policy and strategic frameworks that underpin best practice geographic and land information management.

Geospatial Frameworks is different to other consulting firms in that we specialise in spatial information management systems and processes, and not general IT solutions. Spatial information systems are increasingly becoming an essential part of today‚Äôs business tool kit. Google ® Maps is an excellent example of how people are using maps daily for location-based decision making and to increase business acumen, potential sales and make sound investments.

We offer perth based geospatial information consultancy

Spatial information is currently an under-utilised commodity.

The team at Geospatial Frameworks analyses enterprise systems and product delivery workflows. We then create plans that leverage spatial information to create modern business solutions and new products. This in turn provides powerful business decision support systems, such as those used in the insurance market to better manage claims from storm damage; the health sector to study and curtail the spread of disease, the emergency management sector for safer disaster response, and in local government to improve asset and graffiti management.

Many organisations have made an initial investment in spatial information systems; however this information is generally not exploited to its fullest potential.

At Geospatial Frameworks, we develop a pathway for organisations to work toward achieving sustainable systems, clear leadership, streamlined processes and collaborative work practices. We identify strategic actions and innovations that assist organisations to make the most from their investment in spatial information systems.

The team also provides research and geospatial advisory services across a range of specialist fields including land administration and cadastral mapping, spatial infrastructures, spatial positioning, supply chain management, location-based product development and online spatial solutions.

Market Sectors

geospatial frameworks are experts in geospatial data information and management

Our team works with local, state and commonwealth agencies in Australia, as well as, governments in the Asia Pacific Region. We provide an independent strategic and systems view point.