Identify Solutions Is your spatial information under-utilised?
We work with you to make the most of your spatial investments. We understand the spatial market and how spatial information can be leveraged to create powerful business decision support systems.

Geospatial Services


Our team has extensive experience in strategy development, sustainable business practice, and systems analysis and improvement. Geospatial Frameworks helps its clients develop strategic frameworks around their spatial investments.

Collectively, our spatial information management specialists have over 150 years experience in the industry including:

Spatial Information Management

We can provide spatial information management services

• Strategy development
• Policy development and review
• Standards compliance
• Data access and discovery
• Data modelling
• Systems analysis

Business Development

• Business case preparation
• Implementation planning
• Requirements Design
• Benefits Realisation Management
• Stakeholder communication

Geospatial Advisory Services

contact us for geospatial advisory services

• Monitoring and evaluation of large projects
• Industry consultation
• Market studies
• Organisational structuring
• Research and case studies

Training and Capacity Building

Geospatial frameworks can help develop your information system

• Spatial information management
• Spatial data infrastructures
• Process improvements
• Supply chain analysis,
• Strategic planning
• Change management
• Organisational restructuring
• Cross-cultural awareness.

Supply Chain Analysis

Our consultants can analysis you business supply chain

• Business reform along the value chain
• Spatial data coordination across government tiers, between organisations and internally across agency teams.
• Change Management
• Sustainable automated workflow management
• Collaborative models for spatial information maintenance and management.


our focus on is providing qualified geospatial research

• Spatial Information Supply Chains
• Automated Spatial Information Updating
• High Water Mark Determination
• Automated Schema Evolution in Federated Environments

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