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Dr Lesley Arnold


lesley arnoldLesley Arnold has 30 years experience in spatial information management and extensive knowledge in spatial data infrastructures and enterprise systems.

Her success stems from an ability to apply new thinking to address contemporary problems. She is able to build a solid case for change and develop strategies to overcome the key challenges faced by organisations today. Lesley has effectively delivered a number of geospatial projects that have reengineered data and product management workflows, and transformed the way spatial data is managed across government.

This includes collaboration with other government agencies to co-maintain the Western Australian geographic database using the latest online shared GIS editing techniques. Lesley directed the delivery of Western Australia’s location information program at Landgate. This included geographic mapping, street addressing, geographic naming, native title mapping, aerial photography and satellite remote sensing programs, and the development of location products and applications and there delivery in online environments.

Lesley introduced new mapping techniques at Landgate. These have streamlined spatial data collection and management, map production and revision. This program of work is based on her doctoral research in the specialised field of spatial information updating where she gained expertise in spatial data modelling, cartographic processing and system development.

She has also worked successfully with senior management teams to achieve organisational restructures. As Director at Landgate, Dr Arnold restructured the Location Knowledge Services branch to achieve the elimination of duplicated processes and streamlined management of information along the value chain.

Lesley works for several cross-jurisdictional (national) committees. Her most recent work is the Australian National Strategy for Cadastral Reform and Innovation, called Cadastre 2034: Powering Land and Real Property. This strategy was prepared on behalf of the Intergovernmental Committee for Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) – a peak body comprising Australian State and Territory governments and New Zealand. This new strategic direction identifies the goals and objectives for delivering a national cadastre appropriate to societal needs in 2034. Its development required research into best practice information management and analysis of future trends.

Lesley also provides advice to foreign governments and specialises in Land information systems, spatial data infrastructures, policy development, governance structures, capacity building and supply chain management. She has worked with the Vietnamese government to develop a Strategy for the Vietnam Spatial Data Infrastructure; a strategy and implementation plan for the delivery of Vietnam’s National Environmental and Land Information System (ELIS); and delivered a national Decree on Spatial Data Sharing, which is now embedded in Vietnamese legislation.

Lesley has a PhD in Spatial Science from Curtin University and continues to provide research services and co-supervision of PhD candidates for the university.

Lesley has developed several capacity building plans and conducted training programs locally and internationally. Her specific area of expertise is supply chain management, data and process modelling and spatial data infrastructures (nationwide/enterprise wide).